19 Things I Bought on Amazon and Would By 100 Times Again

Hi! Safe to say I do a ton of shopping on Amazon. To the point where the UPS & USPS drivers now me very well these days! I thought I’d share with you some of the best purchases I’ve ever made on Amazon in the hopes that you might find something you’ll like too!

We hope you find these products as amazing as we do. Just an FYI: We participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page.

Plug In Air Sanitizer

Plug in air sanitizer

This little sanitizer plugs directly into your outlet and sanitizes and deodorizes the air around it. I have one in both the living room and the bathroom and I think it really makes a difference in making the air feel much fresher.

This Milk Frother is an Amazing Hack for Parents

Milk Frother

By far, one of the best parenting hacks I have at my disposal – the milk frother. My kids never liked milk for some reason. But when you snuck in a sip of the top of my latte and loved it, I knew what I had to do! This tiny little gadget creates a mountain of foam in no time. In turn, my kids always want me to create the Fancy Nancy Milk!

Ultra Tiny Crock Pot – Perfect for Lunch

Mini Crock Pot

Why use a microwave with this portable crock pot can work wonders, all while making your food taste amazing! We all know the wonders of a regular crock pot, but this mini crockpot will take your mini meals in a whole new direction!

These Bag Cincher Will Keep Your Bread Fresh

bag cinchers

Take any type of bag you have, literally any bag, and apply these bag cinchers. Not only will it keep your bread fresh, these are incredibly easy for kids to use too. If you ever need some stress relief, it doubles a stress reliever as well!

These Big Wool Spheres Will Replace Dryer Sheets

You will seriously never want to go back to dryer sheets or fabric softner again. These solid wool balls is a growing popular solution to static free & soft clothing. Not only are these cheap, they last for-ever!

Very Gentle and Effective Exfoliating Gloves

Exfoliating Gloves

Always trying to get my face just a little bit softer. So, I decided to up my game from scrubs to some exfoliating gloves. This machine washable pair does wonders with a gentle touch, but a normal touch could pack a punch for rougher areas. Whether you need a clearer face or heels like butter, these gloves have your back.

Magnetic Phone Mount for My Car

magnetic cell phone holder

Find the perfect spot for my phone in my car was always a hassle. It was either in a cup holder or on some gigantic clip. All of which never did the job. Then I found this magnetic phone mount & it seriously changed my driving world! This little gadget is so convenient that it actually upsets me that I didn’t think of this first!

Detangler Spray – Conditioner All in One

detangler spray

Brushing my daughter’s hair at times, is a constant battle. I’ve tried all different types of brushes & solutions, but nothing really ever did the trick. Then I came across this detangler & conditioning spray, and I don’t think I can ever go back. It detangles their hair effortlessly and smells really nice too.

These Sticky Notes Are Also Divider Tabs = Sanity!

I had papers everywhere on my desk. Post in notes, even worse. When I came across these sticky notes that also serve as divider tabs, it was a game changer for me. You can stick them to everything and you don’t have to write in tiny chicken scratch to see your notes either!

This Sink Caddy Is the Perfect Place to Store Your Sponge

sink sponge caddy

Leaving sponges in your sink is not the ideal spot, I mean the gunk & mold. Oye. At one time, I used to use those suction cup holders for sponges. Worked amazing on day 1, but by day 5, the suction cups just stopped doing it’s trick. Which made this particular sink caddy a great solution to an everyday problem. Well worth it, pretty darn cheap too.

The Magic Stone Is the Barbecue Cleaner You’ve Been Looking For

Grill Cleaning Magic Stone

Cleaning your grill, no matter how much you try, never gets clean enough. The Magic Stone makes it easier than ever to scrub all the grease, dirt, and grime off your grill with minimal effort on your part. Once you try it, you’ll start looking at grill cleaning in a totally different way

Sleek Air Freshner for Instant Better Air

air freshner

After seeing a few reviews, I decided to try out this air purifier last year when it was pretty new. Over a year later and tons of reviews from those caught in proximity to California wildfires, both me and thousands of people agree that this purifier’s a hit. It has a True HEPA filter — replacements are dirt cheap — that will help you do everything from dusting less to surviving wildfire season with intact lungs.

Zinc Sunscreen That Goes on Clear!

When you have kids with pale skin, you start looking high and low for the right sunscreen. I’ve found that this zinc sunscreen is ideal for faces. The bets part, it’s effective immediately. All the stuff you don’t want on your kids faces, parabens & oxybenzone aren’t there either.

Clean Your Makeup Brushes with This Cleaner Sponge

clean you makeup brushes

We know the hassle of cleaning makeup brushes properly. Rather than just tapping the brush off or rubbing it with a tissue, simply swirl it on this sponge. It removes all the remaining eyeshadow from the brush, allowing you to switch colors without muddying up your look.

This Socks and Underwear Organizer Will Save Space and Make Your Drawers Look Fabulous

socks & underwear organizer

Throwing socks and underwear randomly into a drawer is the norm. To the point, where there simply has to be another way. A few months back I came across this socks & underwear organizer & it simply makes this drawer look soooo much nicer.

A Makeup Mirror That Lights Up Your Face in the Most Stylish Way

makeup mirror

This rose gold makeup mirror has everything you would need. It includes regular and magnifying mirrors, lights up with 21 LED bulbs, and runs on batteries or a USB power cord. It has a couple finishes to choose from & a price that is far below than what you think!

Cute Penguin Bluetooth Speaker

cute mini bluetooth speaker

This cute little thing not only has an amazing sound, it looks so stinking cute anywhere you put it! It’s perfect for a desk or bedside table, and makes a great little gift when you don’t know what else to give someone. It even comes in seven different painfully cute animal styles.