9 Easy Ways to Make Money on the Side While Stuck at Home – $500+

One way or another, we have all been there. That point where you simply need some extra cash, not a ton, just some extra cash. Sure, you can work crazy hours on a side hustle to get it, but between life & family, there just isn’t enough time to make money on the side!

That’s why we looked all over the web & found some easy ways to get cash into your bank account. We aren’t talking big money here, but just enough for a tiny bit of your time, that it gives you the extra cash you would need. Easily get an extra $500 a month from these tips below.

1.      Inbox Dollars – Get Paid Real Money For Your Opinion

We all have an opinion on something don’t we? Well, Inbox Dollars will pay you for that opinion. This is an amazing and easy way to make money very quickly, without have to get an additional job (I mean, who really has the time for all of that).

Well we have something that can help, all from the comfort of your home. After you take your first survey, we are quite positive you won’t be able to stop! The reason being is simple, you get rewarded with gift cards & cash just for taking & completing these surveys.

Another neat part about Inbox Dollars is you’ll get some opportunities to be involved with contents & promotions for additional prizes. Furthermore, many times, they give you access to free samples and hard to find coupons. Companies do this as Inbox Dollars has such large audiences, that companies want to put free samples into the hands of Inbox Dollars members. It truly is a win-win.

You have a couple different options to get paid. You can get paid directly to your Paypal account, or you can gift cards directly to some of your favorite stores such as Target & Amazon.

Here are some Twitter Reviews of Inbox Dollars:

If that wasn’t enough, InboxDollars is offering a $5 welcome bonus to join. The trick is to spend at least 15 minutes on taking longer surveys, as the longer survey tends to always pay more. Add in your $5 welcome bonus, it’s some easy money in your pocket!

2. Rakuten – Get $10 for Joining + Cash Back

Believe it or not, Rakuten allows you to get cash back on every order at stores you already shop at. Furthermore, they will also give you $10 just for joining. So how does it work? After getting $10 for joining, Rakuten pays members cash back when you shop at over 2,500 stores. With over 13 million members and over $1 Billion in Cash Back paid out, Rakuten is the absolute easiest way to get money back on orders you already buy.

Here are some Twitter Reviews of Rakuten:

Don’t just take our word for it, check out some feedback from social media:

3. MyPoints – Make Money Reviewing Videos & Games

Being short on cash sucks, let’s be honest. The smartest thing to do is figure out the easiest way to earn the amount of money you need. Often times, there are services out there that will allow you to earn just enough extra money without a ton of work. That’s where MyPoints come in.

Basically, all those things you do on social media can now earn you money. For instance, you get paid for taking watching videos & reviewing them, playing games with reviews, reading emails & review, sounds too amazing to be true right? Thing is, you reviews are so incredibly important to organizations that they will pay for your honest reviews.

Take 2-3 surveys a day and you can earn some serious money. There are two amazing parts:

A) Signup today & get $10 for joining

B) Once you earn over $5, you can get paid via Paypal or giftcards

4.   Rebaid – Get Rebates On Amazon Orders

If shop on Amazon the way I do, then you know those bills can rack up quickly. Sometimes, you just need a couple extra dollars to get you through. Which is what makes the whole concept of getting rebates from Amazon so unique.

Essentially, you sign up with Rebaid (completely free). You will see a list of products through Rebaid that are available on Amazon. You’ll also see the rebate offer that Rebaid has. If you’re interested in the Amazon product, click the link on Rebaid. You will then be taken to Amazon to complete your order. After doing so, you go back to Rebaid & enter in you Amazon confirmation order.

Bam – you now have money in your Rebaid account!

5.      Ibotta – Convert Your Shopping Receipts Into Money

It’s no secret that some days are tougher on the money side than others. Going to your favorite grocery store can turn into a big spending day. This should hopefully lighten the strain.

It’s hard to believe that your receipts can actually turn into money, but Ibotta has found a way. Ibotta will pay you money for every time you shop.

The process is actually quite simple. All you have to do is take a picture of your receipt! The app will scan you receipt for any associated details & ti will instantly apply money back to you Ibotta account.

Here are some Twitter Reviews of Ibotta:

Some weeks are tougher on your wallet than others and on those days, you have to consider every purchase carefully. Even buying groceries can be a strain. We have just the thing to help: Ibotta, which pays you every time you shop. It works on tons of stores like Walmart and tons of grocery stores like Whole Foods.

6.      Swagbucks – Get Paid For Writing Reviews

While we all have our opinions, companies are willing to pay for your written review. The reason being is the value of these for market research companies is quite large. As a result, you get to be compensated for it.

Swagbucks is one of largest paid survey spots – part of the reason is they have access to some of the best online rewards out there for surveys.

Here are some Twitter Reviews of Swagbucks:

The types of surveys available is quite broad.  You can take as little as 2-3 surveys & get close to $15. What makes it even more neat is the amount of new opportunities they have coming in daily. Plus, you get a $10 bonus just for starting. It’s a win-win!

7.   I Love Samples – 100% Free Samples Sent To Your Door

Who doesn’t love free samples?!  I don’t mean any old samples, I mean good quality samples? I definitely do, I mean not only does it let you try new products for free, but you even get some of your favorites sent to your home. That’s what I Love Samples does.

You fill out a brief profile then go through about 10-15 pages. Each page consists of one question, essentially asking you if you’re interested in a particular offer.

The trick – even if you say no to everything, you still get samples at the end. I mean, it’s a huge win win!

8.   Survey Club – Get Paid to Take Very Short Surveys

Getting extra cash can involve a good amount of you time, but who really has time for that? To make matters even more interesting, Survey Club gives you the ability to get paid for taking really short surveys. The more of these short surveys you take, the more money you get to earn.

I’ve always enjoyed getting paid for surveys, especially the short ones, as it is so incredibly simple. Doing something simple to earn some extra cash while watching Netflix is right up my alley!