Daily Fantasy Optimizer Promos

The growth of daily fantasy sports is crazy. While the industry has always been growing, Covid gave it some jet fuel for popularity. Add in the NFL season going through a whole season, the popularity is amazing. With that growth came more and more players trying to win at dfs. Many of those players will use a fantasy optimizer to give them an edge at winning at spots like Fanduel & Draftkings.

Did you know that some fantasy optimizers will give you a free trial? Some trials are short like 3 days. One fantasy optimizer promo of a 3 day trial is SaberSim. The Sabersim promo allows you to get 3 days for free, granted, not enough time for you to know if it’s for you. But , certainly something for free is better than nothing!

In the middle, there’s one fantasy optimizer that offers a 7 day free trial. The DraftDime promo allows you to get a 7 day free trial. Ideally you need more time to really know, but 7 days for free is certainly better than a 3 day trial.

On the other end of the spectrum, there’s a fantasy optimizer promo for a 3 day free trial. The Draft Dashboard promo allows you to get a 30 day free trial.

The value of using an optimizer is two main reasons

Create Mass Fantasy Lineups Easily

If you’re trying to win large DFS tournaments, the name of the game is variation. By having multiple lineups, with a strategy behind it, you’re able to up your probability of winning. All the big guys that enter these tournaments are putting in max fantasy lineups each and every time.

Easy to Read DFS Picks

Many of these DFS providers will give you access to DFS picks & DFS projections. By seeing this very easily, you’re able to make quality decisions in an efficient way. I can’t stress how important this combination is.

Ultimately, you need to try out a fantasy optimizer, more than one. Get a feel for the fantasy software tool & see which is right for you. It’s more involve than picking if you like a Mac or Windows! Take advantage of these fantasy optimizer free trials & get a feel for it. Another trick is once you find one, email the company directly. See if they have any promotions running if you pay for the year or the season. You’ll be surprised that many will be more than willing to work with you.

At the same time, if that’s not an option & you love the software, just pay the fee. For the amount of money it will save & make you in DFS, just go for it!