Get a 1 year subscription to Clean Eating Magazine for $5.99

Tanga is becoming one of my favorite online stores because of their great prices on magazine subscriptions. I should mention that usually we don’t buy subscriptions, but there are certain magazines that no matter what they’ll never be free.

**Tip: Never buy a magazine subscription at regular price unless it’s a specialized or local magazine.

Clean Eating magazine is one of those magazines that I enjoy but suffer every time that I want to buy it because just one issue costs $5.99. Well, thanks to Tanga, there’s no more suffering 😉 Here’s how to get a 1 year subscription for the price of un newsstand issue: Visit Tanga and use the codeEATING. ¡It’s like paying $0.75 per issue!

Now, if you are interested in buying this magazine, do it sooner rather than later in the day because as the demand increase for this subscription, Tanga’s discount (even after using the code) will go up as well.