How to Bring Down the Cost of Matchmakers

I’ve been watching so many reality shows since Covid hit, haven’t you? It’s crazy isn’t it? I just can’t help myself. Love is Blind, the Bachelorette, Indian Matchmaker, it’s just none stop! Oddly though, when I speak to some of my single female girlfriends, I always love hearing about their love life too. Must be in the female dna lol.

Anyways, I’ve always known about dating sites & dating apps. Granted those stories are still very comical. Thing is, some of my girlfriends are looking for a serious relationship. The common theme I’m hearing from them is they are done with dating apps. Well, you know me, my response was “well what other options you go, the bar with a mask on!”. Sure I got the sly eye chuckle, but I also learned something.

Cost of Matchmakers + a Cute Story

One of my girlfriends, that I’ve known for decades, uses a matchmaking service. Yeah, one of those. Talk about getting my full attention! She told me she spent about $2500 on a matchmaker, and I told her she was nuts. But then when I heard about what a matchmaker does and the type of man she met, I was completely floored.

She used a free service with, who found her a matchmaker. She had a call and thought you know, why not. It took the matchmaker 2 phone calls and about 4 weeks before she got back to my friend. But what she got back to my friend with, was spot on. So spot on that it made me jealous.

So I’m like, was it worth the money? She said I’ll tell you in 6 months, but this is the first best date I’ve had with a solid successful man in years.

Mission accomplished in my book!