How to Market Your Thirty One Bags

I can say I’ve purchased one too many Thirty One bags in my day. Just when I thought I was done buying that, another design came out with a different purpose & had to buy it. I’ve gotten to know many different Thirty One consultants over the years and I’ve found some neat way to help that sell their inventory. During that journey, I’ve also found some cheap ways to get Thirty One Bags

Facebook Groups & Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Groups & Facebook Marketplace are two areas of Facebook that you can find some amazing gems on. Throw in that you can find some local stuff, you can save on on shipping big time!

Neighborhood Network Groups

If you use an app like Meetup, you’ll find all these different types of networking events. In addition to being a great way to meet people in your area, you tend to bump into a Thirty One Consultant here and there. I’ve found if you become friendly with them, even help them out , you can get some free Thirty One swag

Facebook Messenger Bots

Believe it or not, Facebook Messenger is a huge way to connect with your audience. As your growing, communicating in masses can be difficult. Which is why Facebook Messenger is amazing. There’s a ton of cheap tools out there to create a bot, but you’re better off hiring a marketing company that does this.

While there’s a ton of ways to sell, being able to connect & network with people will help grow your reach. Since Thirty One’s business model is to use independent consultants to fuel their growth, their reasoning is quite simple. If Thirty One has enough consultants and can tap into each consultant’s network, the amount of sales Thirty One gets continues to rise. Use those same principles in your marketing strategy.