Paper Coterie: Save $40 on your $40 purchase [Ends 5-13-11]

Paper Coterie has opened its doors with a great offer. From now and until Friday, May 13th, ( you can see the post on Facebook ) you can save $40 on your purchase of $40 when you use the code OPENHOUSE . Now, shipping charges are not included. However, these start at $10, which is a small price for these cute personalized gifts.

Think about graduation, birthday and even Christmas gifts! I love the A-Z books that you can customize with your own photos.Can you imagine, having the picture of Nana on the letter N page or the personalized growth chart for your kids.

I’m going to order a journal, a recipe book and probably a calendar. Now, when you are going to place your order, make sure you have the pictures you want to use ready. This is why I haven’t made my order yet. The pictures I want use are on another computer.

Tell us, what did you ordered?