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I’ve been using eyeglasses since the fourth grade and it wasn’t until my Senior Prom that I made the switch to contact lenses. After this change, I barely wear eyeglasses anymore… I rather stay home and starve than going out wearing them. Wish I had known GlassesUSA before. Not only they have offices in Newy Jersey and Israel but they “recycle” their returned frames. When you return a frame it can go to one of the various organizations that GlassesUSA partners with so a person around the world who can’t afford vision care ge the right prescription glasses.

Now, I’ve been a prescription glasses rebel! How come?, you ask… Well, it has always discourage me that if you want a pretty cool frame you have to pay a hefty price. Being the frugal gal I am, I rather spend that money on contact lenses than a pair of glasses. So when this opportunity came by my curiosity had been peeked. I got a new prescription and then spent a couple of hours deciding which frame to order. I called my sister who helped me narrow down the choices.

I don’t have to be a rebel anymore! Thanks to GlassesUSA, now I can afford cute eyeglasses frames.  I chose The Agent frame – only $54.95 including single vision lense. I must say that I was a little skeptical at first… what kind of quality for such a low price? Well, after recieving them and wearing them for a week I’m in love with them and even left the house with my eyeglasses on. The best part, now you can use the discount code: Mommy5 to save 5% on your order.

Disclaimer: Yo recibí los espejuelos que muestro en este review cortesía de Glasses USA. Esta es mi opinión personal. I recieved the eyeglasses shown on review. This is my personal opinion.