Save 20%, get an extra $15 off when you buy You By Crocs

Have you seen the new line of Crocs? You by Crocs looks amazing! Although I must confess that I have never wore a pair of Crocs. (I know, I’m probably one of the few that have never wore them)

Nos, you should know that I don’t buy anything if it’s not on sale or even better there is a sale and I have a coupon or discount code 😉 Well, this is a great offer when we combine coupon codes!

Transaction example:

-I’m loving this wedge, even if it’s just on sale I would be saving 50% but
-when you use the code thankyou2 you save an extra 20% plus
-if you can find another pair on sale for $15.00 or less (I found some flats) you can use the code YBC15 to save $15 (follow me.. now that second pair is free!)
-On the last checkout page (step #5) usa the code fallship and you’ll get free shipping!

Genius! 😉

Do you like Crocs?